FORESTER is a stunning custom design hat of our unique asymmetrical beret design. (The designation ‘P2’ indicates that this hat is the 2nd ‘Forester’ created.) Each hat is individually made, from the needle felting of the fabric to the wrapping of the velveteen ‘feather vase’ features and adornments. The term Shapeshifter™ indicates that there is no front, back, or repeat side, and that each position in which hat may be worn presents a different look, or ‘shifts the shape’ of the hat.

Custom Design Note: Generally a custom piece, you’ll occasionally find a Forester Beret for sale in the shop. The custom hat may incorporate a variety of particular client preferences and adornment details.

  • An unusual and stunning piece of wearable art
  • Achieve multiple looks with Shapeshifter™ design
  • Anti-Static Black Spandex Lining and anchor combs
  • Make a dramatic statement by wearing this dynamically elegant and very comfortable hat!

*Price is for model shown. Price for new custom models may vary, dependent on choices in Fabric, Adornment, and other selected factors determined during the Custom Order Design phase.


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